The majority of South African learners are largely unprepared for the kinds of jobs and skills that the working world already expects of them. And concepts like programming, coding, AI and IoT are as foreign as they are frightening for most students and their teachers. 4IR’s digital technologies can change young South African lives in so many ways. But the lack of access, self-belief and support for most learners makes careers in this space feel totally out of reach. That’s where we come in.

We make 4IR technologies and its prospects accessible for learners and teachers in underserved local communities

Quantum Crayon is an edtech company that offers practical courses in 4IR technologies and skills such as coding, AI, design thinking and robotics. Our hands-on programmes are designed to help you understand the world of digital technologies and the incredible careers and opportunities it offers!

How we work

There are 2 parts to everything we do: Learning and Doing.

Learning takes place via online videos that feature simple instructions that are really easy to follow.

The Doing is done on our CanDo Cube, a miniature computer that we teach you to programme so you can bring your learnings to life. You won’t believe how many real-world solutions you can build with one small cube! From an alarm clock to a payment device, we’ll teach you the skills to turn your creative ideas into real, working solutions.

Why Quantum Crayon


We’ve designed these courses ourselves, applying our vast engineering and technical experience to create practical, user-friendly, fun and relevant learning material for learners and teachers alike.


Our students get to play with robots, make things light up, and learn how to instruct a mini computer to do their bidding. They share their “crazy” ideas and we show them how to make them a reality.


We’ve built an online community of teachers and learners who are interested in studying and connecting. We’re always available to answer questions and guide them along their learning journey.


We believe that learning should be real world and relevant to capture attention. We love being asked to custom-design projects and fun challenges unique to learners, their contexts and communities.

Our Courses


Introduction to AI

3D printing

Mobile App Development

Internet of Things

Design Thinking

Applied Technology

Don’t Just Learn, Create!

The coding and critical thinking skills you’ll gain with Quantum Crayon will show you how to turn your ideas into real-life solutions! These are tools that will change the way you see things. We’ve seen learners use the CanDo Cube and their new coding talents to create payment devices, improve taxi operations and even monitor rising dam levels. We don’t just expose you to 4IR’s amazing technologies and possibilities. We teach you how to programme the CanDo Cube to use these technologies for application in the real-world. We’ll show you how to look around, think about how you could make things work in a faster or smarter way and use the tools at your disposal to make your ideas come alive!



Our courses are designed to fuel learners’ curiosity, build critical knowledge and help them understand what electives and qualifications they’ll need for a career in digital technology. We support eager learners with further material of interest and invite them to join our community of like-minded peers. Partner with us


The DBE’s Coding and Robotics curriculum is coming and many teachers are fearful of the new concepts and skills that will be expected of them. We offer hand-held training for teachers, helping them to master technical concepts and practical executions so they can teach their students with confidence. Partner with us


We work with NPOs across South Africa with an express interest in helping learners from underprivileged communities master STEAM and 4IR skills. We can custom-design projects to align with learners’ interests and community needs, ensuring their learning is relevant and relatable. Partner with us


Are you an innovative tech company that wants to expose young South African learners to the incredible tools and opportunities of your industry? Build your own local talent pipeline by inspiring young minds and sponsoring a deserving school’s 4IR education with Quantum Crayon. Partner with us

Our Team

John Sperryn

- Founder

Willem Boshoff

- Founder

We’re two engineers that build robots for a living, and love teaching kids to do the same.

We’re Willem and John, two electronic engineers who hail from a corporate background, and decided to use our versatile skills for good. We think science, maths and technology are fun and fascinating. Our aim is to remove the fear that surrounds these vital subjects for so many South African learners. We thrive in a partnership setting, acting as a soundboard and enabler for like-minded organisations eager to make 4IR technologies accessible and aspirational for learners of all ages.